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About Us

Who we are

Cassette is a mobile game development studio based in Yerevan, Armenia. 
Working with leading companies like Voodoo and Snapchat we made several hit games in the last few years.
–     Became 2019’s 3rd most downloaded game of App Store by Apple statistics (280million worldwide downloads iOS and Android) and #1 of the Top Charts in 54 Countries including USA and the most of the Europe.
– Balls go High  Downloaded more than 5 million times and has gained super strong metrics even when the market was full with “runner” type of games.
– Bounce Forever!   Also being top #1 in USA and other countries with it’s millions of downloads
– Multiplayer Edition.     which was originally made for Snapchat is a pioneer among the multiplayer games of Snapchat.

In Cassette we erase the line between working and having fun. We don’t see Cassette a company or corporation it’s a home for enthusiastic people to project their talents and gain experience from each other and from the cool companies that we work with.