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Unity C# Developer


We need Unity C# developers for making mobile games. Both seniors and interns are welcome. 
In your CV (email is listed below), briefly tell about yourself. We are interested in any information that shows you a fast learning, team working and full of energy person.
From work experience to participation in school Olympiads, from diplomas with distinction to own projects, somehow related to programming.

~ What we can offer you ~
– Self-realization. Unlike big companies everyone can share their thoughts and opinions and your words will be heard
– Experience. We gained lots of experience by working with the worldwide market and awesome companies which we are ready to share with you
– Space for professional growth. Cassette is a fast growing team and we plan to enter a lot of different markets worldwide and make awesome projects. There is lots of space to grow in Cassette as a professional.
– The atmosphere. We see Cassette as a dream job for people who are obsessed with games. It’s a priority for us to make our working day as fun, interesting and productive as possible.

Salary – We are open to meet your offers.
Send your CVs to we are waiting for you 🙂